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Don't let your memories become forgotten.

A Portrait film is your opportunity to share your memories with others:

"Our film to celebrate Ben and Christine’s Golden Wedding has been seen in Australia, South Africa and Canada. Tears all round! Some of those old photographs had been packed away for years.”

"We showed the film to the staff recently. Hearing my mother describe how she started the business in the 60s had them glued to their seats. There was a great deal of laughter too."

''I was 14 when I left my home in Austria and said goodbye to my parents for the last time. They were murdered by the Nazis. I wanted their story and mine to be remembered so that it will never happen again. This DVD is a testament to their sacrifice."

"Thank you for your patience and understanding with Dick. In spite of his stroke, you coaxed some wonderful stories out of him and his old humour shone through. It was so important he was included. Now, he will never be forgotten."

You may decide to include:

  • Your geneology and famiily history.
  • Memories of relatives you knew personally.

  • Further education, first employment
  • Ambitions, adventures, romance

  • Marriage, children, moves, homes
  • Career, colleagues, achievements

  • Retirement, lifelong friendships
  • Your views and hopes for the future
  • Early days, school, siblings
  • Childhood holidays, pets

  • Sports, hobbies, friendships
  • Favourite films, writers, music

  • Politics, beliefs, relligion
  • Travel, memorable encounters

Record a permanent message for the future.