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The Portrait Films team

Portrait Films was founded by ANTONY DRAPER and SUSAN COLLINS. We have over 25 years experience of directing programmes for broadcast and business television.

Our professional expertise at the research stage and during filming will help the most retiring interviewee recall their story in a natural and captivating way.

We recognise the sensitivity of working in people's homes and will ensure that your experience during the making of your programme is rewarding and enjoyable.

Our skilled lighting and sound technicians will undoubtedly regale you with tales of their encounters with politicians, celebrities and sporting heroes.

Your film will have the same production values as any high- quality television documentary.

"My father and I re-visited the spot where he landed on D-Day. It was so was moving to listen to his memories, told in his own words.

I understood the value of recording this first hand history lesson for myself, my own children and the generations which will follow.

(Antony Draper - Director, Portrait Films)

"I love listening to people's stories - little details that they haven't talked about for years. It's often easier to talk to a stranger. Many enjoy recalling valued friendships, others want to leave advice for future generations. We are all a bit dynastic and shouldn't be embarrassed by it."

(Susan Collins - Director, Portrait Films)

Portrait Films is afflilated to Townhouse Productions (UK) Limited which was founded by Antony Draper in 1992 to produce documentaries for government, business and industry.