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Tell your story in a personal video or DVD documentary

Can you imagine having a conversation with your Edwardian or Victorian ancestor?

That’s what Portrait Films could do for your descendants.

We specialise in creating biography films for individuals. We will research and craft an entertaining and fascinating documentary about you or a member of your family.

Multiple copies of your programme, typically 60 minutes in duration, are available on Video or DVD for worldwide systems and the master archived for the future by Portrait Films.

Don’t let a life become a box of uncatalogued photographs and untold stories. We are all unique and we all have a place in History. You will be creating an innovative family heirloom to be valued by generations to come

Capture your life, or the life of a family member in a PORTRAIT FILM.

Record for posterity:
  • Your own family history
  • Early days, school, further education
  • Wartime
  • Romance
  • First employment
  • Your career
  • Marriage, children, grandchildren
  • Friendships
  • Travel, memorable encounters
  • Sports, interests, recreation
  • Retirement
  • Influences, beliefs
  • A permanent message for future generations

Celebrate a special event:

  • Birthday
  • Anniversary
  • Family reuinon
  • Retirement
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